Tajín Clásico

What is TAJÍN®?
TAJÍN® is unique seasoning made with a simple blend made of mild chili peppers, lime, and sea salt. TAJÍN® adds a ZING to all your favorite foods, fruits, and veggies, that makes what's good taste even better.

Where is TAJIN® produced?
TAJIN® is produced in Zapopan, Mexico from world-class chilies sourced from farmers in the region and then exported to the US as a packaged and branded product to be sold at wholesale and retail. Tajín is approved by the USDA.

It looks very red. Is TAJIN® too spicy?
The sensation of spice may vary from one individual to another. TAJIN® is made with a blend of mild chili peppers, sea salt and lime that that makes the sensation flavorful rather than hot.

How do I use the product?
Simply sprinkle TAJIN® on your favorite foods, fruits and veggies to your liking. Discover just how much tastier fruits like oranges, watermelon, mangoes and pineapples are after a sprinkling of TAJÍN®. Vegetables like corn on the cob, potatoes, avocados, cucumbers, and carrots will become instant family favorites. You can even sprinkle it on to your favorite chicken and soup dishes because EVERYTHING tastes better with a sprinkle or two of TAJÍN®. To discover other uses and recipes visit

Why does the package say “this is not candy”?
TAJÍN® is so good that kids have been known to eat it straight from the bottle, as if it were candy. We want to make sure the product is consumed as intended: to season fruits, veggies, and your favorite foods.

Where can I find it?
You can find TAJIN® in the produce section of most major grocery retailers in the United States and on Some stores may store it in the seasoning aisle or with other Hispanic foods.

TAJÍN® contains no seeds, peanuts, or nuts and there is no risk of cross contamination. Furthermore, TAJÍN® does not contain any of the eight main allergens such as: milk, seafood, soy, wheat, egg, nor nuts. It is also Kosher.

Food Quality
We appreciate your interest in knowing more about the quality of our products. Rest assured that our products all meet the strictest and highest level of quality standards and food safety. Furthermore, all of our products go through a quality control process to ensure these standards are met in every single product we sell. Additionally, we have national and international certifications; while our quality control system is routinely audited by renowned international firms.

Is TAJIN® gluten free?
TAJIN® products (TAJÍN® Clásico Seasoning Powder, TAJÍN® Clásico Low Sodium Seasoning Powder, Sazón TAJÍN® and TAJÍN® Habanero) do not contain gluten. In fact, TAJIN® meets FDA regulations for “gluten free” products.