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Chicken Salad Sandwich with Avocado

  • 5 min
  • Serving for: 4


8 Slices wheat bread

1 ½ Cups boiled chicken, shredded

¼ Cup Greek yogurt

½ Cup avocado, diced

¼ Cup yellow corn kernels

2 Tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped

1 Tablespoon mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons lime juice

½ Teaspoon garlic powder

½ Teaspoon TAJÍN® Clásico Seasoning

½ Teaspoon black pepper



Combine chicken, corn, avocado, and cilantro in a large bowl and mix. Add yogurt, mayonnaise, lime juice, spices and TAJÍN® Clásico Seasoning, and continue to mix until all ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Spread the mixture between two slices of wheat bread.

Cut into fun shapes for kids’ lunches or elegant parties.

Pair with cubed mango and pineapple with TAJÍN® Clásico 


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