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From Midtown's massive department stores to downtown’s impeccably edited boutiques, shopping in a city known for shopping can seem a bit overwhelming—and that's without mentioning pop-up shops, private showrooms and fleeting sample sales. But even New York City's most seasoned shoppers can gain valuable tips, significant discounts and exclusive access to special spots (special enough that we cannot name names) from a Shop Gotham tour. And while the tour venues and relevant facts may change (holidays are particularly heavy with sample sales), here are some highlights from our experience taking Shop Gotham's Garment Center "Insider" Tour.
paradise isla
Dive into the Paradise of
Isla Mujeres
Colors of Mexico
Perched in the Caribbean, Isla Mujeres is a paradise island off the coast of Quintana Roo. It combines the beauty of crystal clear waters, the dense green of a tropical jungle and the mystical spirituality of the Maya Civilization. Certainly, a destination that shouldn’t be missed.
Improve your Mood
Improve your Mood
with Food
Health & Wellness
It has often been said that we are what we eat, and we have some good news about foods that will actually improve your mood! Eat these and smile more!
Why do we celebrate Halloween?
Why do we celebrate
Colors of Mexico
Granted, Halloween is one of the most celebrated and anticipated holidays of the year with its creative energy, delicious sweets and parading children in outlandish costumes trying to entice a scare or a smile. But, do you have any idea of its origins? Read on!
Luck, Money and Love
Luck, Money and Love in
the New Year!
Colors of Mexico
The entire world celebrates a new year with great excitement and fun leading to distinct traditions and rituals meant to attract luck, money and love. Take note of some of the more popular traditions from around the world and get ready for that important night.
Beneficios de agradecer
The Benefits of
Health & Wellness
Thanksgiving is a great way to bring family together to share and reflect on the bounty that life has brought us. But, did you know that the act of showing gratitude has its own benefits? Ponder this…
Sonora, Between the Sea and the Desert
Sonora, Between the Sea
and the Desert
Colors of Mexico
Can you imagine splashing about in the sea and discovering the golden sands of a desert in the same place? In Sonora it is possible and it beckons with the promise of a vacation you will never forget.
The Best Places
The Best Places to
Spend Christmas!
Colors of Mexico
Few will argue with what a wonderful time of year Christmas is; just as few will argue with acknowledging that some cities do the season better than others! Here is our tally sheet of some of the best places to pack your bags for.
Live a Surrealist Dream
Live a Surrealist Dream
in Xilitla
Colors of Mexico
As if giant, verdant trees reaching for the sky with majestic nobility, magical poetry whispered by the waterfalls all framed by the crisp blue sky were not enough, Xilitla will envelope you in an authentic surrealist dream that will leave you breathless.
Successful People
What Do Successful
People Do?
Health & Wellness
If you are looking for clues on what habits successful people adopt to shape and define their achievements, here are a few of the most important ones:
Live the Mystical
Live the Mystical Day of the
Dead in Pátzcuaro
Colors of Mexico
One of Mexico’s most famous traditions admired around the world is the celebration of the Day of the Dead. The most spectacular place to experience this exciting tradition is in the Magical Town of Pátzcuaro in the State of Michoacán where the celebration is unique and very authentic.
Reward Them with Your Love
Reward Them with
Your Love
Do you sometimes find yourself dwelling more on the negative than the positive? Well, sometimes the same thing happens with our kid’s schooling when we focus on what ISN’T going the way we want and we ignore what the kids are doing right.
Helpful Hints
Helpful Hints for Good
Study Habits
Most parents spend countless hours trying to devise ways to get the little ones “into” homework and successful school experiences. Keeping them motivated is prime in this quest so here are some helpful hints to make it easier!