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From Midtown's massive department stores to downtown’s impeccably edited boutiques, shopping in a city known for shopping can seem a bit overwhelming—and that's without mentioning pop-up shops, private showrooms and fleeting sample sales. But even New York City's most seasoned shoppers can gain valuable tips, significant discounts and exclusive access to special spots (special enough that we cannot name names) from a Shop Gotham tour. And while the tour venues and relevant facts may change (holidays are particularly heavy with sample sales), here are some highlights from our experience taking Shop Gotham's Garment Center "Insider" Tour.
Cuatro Ciénegas,
Cuatro Ciénegas,
an Oasis in Coahuila
Colors of Mexico
In the central part of Mexico, called Coahuila and in the middle of the desert is an utterly surprising magical town that will take your breath away; Cuatro Ciénegas (Four Marshes).
Tips for Staying Young tajin
Tips for
Staying Young
Health & Wellness
While it is true that there is no stopping the clock, we can slow it down a tad by changing some habits which can steal youthful vibrancy. These helpful hints will not only perk up your appearance, but they may make you healthier.
A Mother’s Love
A Mother’s
No one can argue that being a mother isn’t challenging…beautiful and fulfilling, but challenging none-the-less. Too bad no one has come up with the definitive instruction manual! There is however, one quality that never seems to fail…a mother’s love. Here are some tips on how to share that love so your children feel it every day.
Healthy Children
Recipe for
Healthy Children
Health & Wellness
Every parent’s principle goal is to raise happy children. With this in mind, we have prepared a menu of important ingredients that can lead to happy and fulfilled children.
Spice Up Your Daddy Score Tajin
Spice Up Your
Daddy Score!
The secret is out! It isn’t easy being a father…multiple concerns, obligations and responsibilities can take their toll. Yet, there are always opportunities for pumping up Daddy skills to give the best of yourself to the little ones. Take note:
Romanticism of Puerto Vallarta
Live the Romanticism
of Puerto Vallarta
Colors of Mexico
The beautiful Mexican Pacific coast hosts a destination where the unequaled sunsets will frankly take your breath away…Puerto Vallarta in the State of Jalisco.
Special 4th of July Menu
Time to Party with a
Special 4th of July Menu
The 4th of July brings a lot more than parades and a day off! It’s important to remember that the reason we celebrate is to honor the strength of our forebears who sought independence from the British Empire. Many outdoor activities, concerts and parties have become tradition with the grand finale always being the fireworks.
Tlaxcala, un viaje entre
Tlaxcala, A Journey Between
Huehues and Skulls
Colors of Mexico
Tlaxcala is in East Central Mexico, a small but impressive State rich in culture, architecture and vast natural endowments that make it the perfect destination for a few unforgettable days.
Keep Illness Away!
Keep Illness
Our health should always be one of our greatest priorities since good health is what makes for a good life! One of the most important contributions to staying healthy is the care we give our immunological system; our defense system, if you will. Its job is to defend our bodies against diseases. Here are some tips to make that easier:
Have a Great Adventure in Monterrey
Have a Great Adventure
in Monterrey
Colors of Mexico
Pack your bags and prepare to explore the diversity of Mexico’s third largest city located in the Northeastern portion of the country and framed by beautiful mountain scenes.
Tips for Working Mothers
Tips for
Working Mothers
Health & Wellness
Combining motherhood and a full-time job is no easy task, since it requires a lot of effort and dedication. But, with a few adjustments to your daily routine you can achieve your goals on both fronts.
Let’s Read!
Let’s Read! Reading opens doors to fascinating and enchanting worlds which enrich our knowledge. However, it is important to develop and nurture a love for reading from an early age as the older we get the more challenging it is to create lasting new habits. Here are some of the amazing benefits your child can enjoy from developing a love for reading: