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From Midtown's massive department stores to downtown’s impeccably edited boutiques, shopping in a city known for shopping can seem a bit overwhelming—and that's without mentioning pop-up shops, private showrooms and fleeting sample sales. But even New York City's most seasoned shoppers can gain valuable tips, significant discounts and exclusive access to special spots (special enough that we cannot name names) from a Shop Gotham tour. And while the tour venues and relevant facts may change (holidays are particularly heavy with sample sales), here are some highlights from our experience taking Shop Gotham's Garment Center "Insider" Tour.
Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
Fall in love with
Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
Colors of Mexico
For the English speaker, the name may seem like a mouthful! This amazing place in the state of Guerrero is pronounced Ih-tapa Zee-wha-ta-NAY-ho and if you love the sand and the sun it’s a name you will want to learn to say.
Hug your kids
Hug Your
Being parents is a richly rewarding experience but it is also a heavy responsibility. Sometimes that weight can make us forget the importance of details and the impact they can have on the development of our children. Hugging is one of those details.
New Year’s
New Year’s Celebrations
Around the World.
Health & Wellness
All around the world another year is ending and preparations to welcome a New Year filled with promise are in full swing. Here’s how it’s done around the globe:
Drink More Water
Do You Need to
Drink More Water?
Health & Wellness
Staying hydrated is a habit that allows our body to work the way it was meant to as well as providing a lot of other health benefits. It is very important to learn to recognize the signs of dehydration. So, drink these tips in!
New Years, new habits
New Year,
New Habits
Health & Wellness
Every new year brings the promise of new beginnings…saying goodbye to old habits to make way for the new! Here are a few ideas that can make a real and positive difference in your life.
Enjoy the Tropical
Environment of Tabasco, Mexico.
Colors of Mexico
The region of Mexico known as Tabasco will greet you with tropical vegetation, gorgeous plantations of cacao and coconuts, archaeological zones and ecological preserves.
How to Strengthen Friendship
How to Strengthen
Much value is placed on friendship because through it we share dreams, joys, sorrows and life’s everyday experiences. That is why it is so important to nourish and care for our friendships. Here are some useful tips to help you strengthen your bonds to those you love the most.
Playa del carmen
Playa del Carmen,
a True Paradise
Colors of Mexico
At the heart of the Riviera Maya is the most famous and pampering beaches in the Mexican Republic, Playa del Carmen.
a Very Special Day
Health & Wellness
There are so many things that make Thanksgiving Day stand out! First of all, it is innately American as it reflects our nation’s very beginnings. Here are some of iconic traditions that make it so special:
Michoacán; Monarch
Michoacán; Monarch
Butterfly Refuge
Colors of Mexico
Michoacán is one of the most beautiful states of the Mexican Republic. Its Western location invites visitors to enjoy natural beauty and to be awed by any one of its 8 Magical Towns, so named by the Secretary of Tourism because they have retained their historical and cultural wealth.
Successful Exitosos
If it’s a given that parents have their children’s well-being at heart and want them to be happy they also want to help them learn to be successful in all their endeavors. Here are some suggestions toward that goal:
The Observance
of Thanksgiving
With November, autumn leaves and cooler temperatures comes one of the most important festive days of our nation; Thanksgiving.