TAJÍNistas Rights

Let it be known that in-as-much as our lives are filled with opportunities to nourish our bodies with healthy food and tantalize our taste buds with intense flavor we hereby declare the Universal TAJÍNistas Rights:


Article 1

Every TAJÍNista has the right to eat healthy and delicious food.  This is why TAJÍN should always be present in the kitchen so that our bodies and our taste buds can have equal enjoyment. 

Article 2

Every person has the natural born right to be a TAJÍNista without regard to race, creed or religion.  This means that they retain the right to enjoy any type of recipe, fruit or vegetable.

Article 3

Every TAJÍNista graced with the use of reason and good conscience should behave in a neighborly fashion and share TAJÍN with others.

Article 4

No TAJÍNista shall be deprived of TAJÍN or subjected to cruel and unusual treatment in being forced to consume fruit or vegetable salad without TAJÍN. 

Article 5

Every TAJÍNista has the right to freely sprinkle TAJÍN on any type of fruit as well as the freedom of imagination to invent new recipes and share them with friends and family members.

Article 6

Every TAJÍNista has the right, without discrimination, to sprinkle TAJÍN on their food 365 days of the year.

Article 7

No TAJÍNista shall be denied access to information available on TAJÍN.com and will always maintain the right to receive the unique benefits, promotions and contests offered by TAJÍN.

Article 8

Any and all fruit or vegetable that springs forth from the earth regardless of national origin has the right to be seasoned with TAJÍN.

Article 9

Every TAJÍNista has the right to enough rest and relaxation to enjoy good company and healthy and exquisite food seasoned with TAJÍN.

Article 10

Every person has the right to education and training in the proper use of TAJÍN. It is the responsibility of every TAJÍNista to teach and spread the gospel on the use of TAJÍN.